Architectural Relationships

Architectural Relationships

Overwhelming mental congestion for perfection,
socially influenced blueprints of future attraction.
Constructive criticism given by construction workers,
the labor of family and friends for reassurance.
A solid foundation of first impressions,
structured walls of growth and development.
Insulation of natural feelings and experiences,
ventilation to cool down the heated encounters.
Electrical wiring of an emotional and physical connection,
a circuitry of passion and romance with a light switch.
Hardwood flooring for candle lit dinners and ballroom dancing,
granite kitchen counters for intimate midnight snacks.
An attractive exterior siding to woo the public eye,
a secure lock of commitment on all the doors.
A roof of trust, and a picket fence,
and now, my love,
I’m simply yours.

13 thoughts on “Architectural Relationships

  1. Sturdy ceiling beams made of spruce to hold large hook eyes….securing swinging chairs for you to dine on…

    Pink & Blue French bidets for after parties…

    Domed bedroom ceilings for DigiStarling machines above our love stage.

    Cavern like fireplaces to warm bear hugging rugs and hugs..

    A custom design, drawn out by the Gods…

    A sweet little nursery with doves drawn on the walls and cozy window nooks to sing lullabies in..

    and of course magic door knobs that when turned twice makes everything feel like sugar and spice.


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