Floral Fixation

vagina flowers 16

Floral Fixation

The cloud’s arousal made some drips,
almost like the dew upon the petal lips.
The sun’s warm breath of sunshine rays,
stimulates the petals for several days.

A honey bee buzzes with overwhelming lust,
passionate little fellow ready to thrust.
The tongue is long and ready for a taste,
embrace the pollen and nectar in a haste.

I would love to be your bumble bee,
of passion and desire; quite a fantasy.
I would stay for hours to watch you perspire,
a floral fixation that you could admire.

Making love, making honey;
making everyone lots of money.
Making tea to soothe the throat,
like wearing an interior coat.

I am a florist, and you are my flower,
I will nurture you with a love shower.
Drench you in unconditional love and support,
I am your Miracle-Grow escort.

14 thoughts on “Floral Fixation

    • Free association here. I’m free if you need a lover. I want to name a flower after the man I love…cacao to missing someone I love..he is always here to read and it’s ok if I end up licking my monitor screen. Scratch and sniff..what kind of flower is that? Milk and honey is good for your shiny hair…you soothe much more than the throat. You soothe my mind.

    • I really like this..it is really good! I wish I could write this well. I have only written one poem out of all the thing I have written but I haven’t decided if I am going to post it yet.

      • Ah, thank you so much for your feedback. Well, it takes time. It takes patience. You have to know the distinction and feel the distinction between the words and yourself. Feel the words, and the words will feel you. It’s a relationship with the writing. If you’re not engaged with what you write, then you’ll end up with words that aren’t engaged with you. They’ll just be words. Yeah, maybe you felt something when you wrote them. Did you feel anything back when you read them? You’ll do fine. Give it more time. 😉

  1. I have been writing since I was like in 5th grade (lol) and I read some of your posts and I think your really really good. When I first read them I thought you were the perfect guy because I haven’t met a guy until you that was a romantic writer, and for you to be single, that’s impressive.

    • Oh, wow. That’s earlier than I started! I probably wrote this way when I was that age, but I didn’t really get into it until I was in high school. Wow, I earned two really’s? That’s amazing! Thank you so much for that. That’s almost like “extremely good.” Oh, no, the perfect guy title! I’ve had this one before, and I have quite a few flaws. Maybe that should be another blog post? Thanks for inspiring idea. 😉 Well, six years being single shows that I am just fed up with cheaters. Yeah, why did she cheat? Sex. Hence why I was a virgin until I turned twenty! I’m 23. Do the math. 😉

      • Well if you ever wanna talk, you can email me… I’ll leave that open for you and if you want me email I’ll give it to you? I just really do like your writing and I’m impressed.

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