Mr. Enchanting


Mr. Enchanting 

Oh, hello dear. Are you lost?
Can I show you the way?
I can tell you where you are, if I may?
[Disney related music plays in the background]

In a dark hole of black abyss,
you wish you knew, someone like this …

A passionate man with a heart full of gold,
the arms wrapped around you when you’re always cold.
A compassionate man with two shoulders, behold!
The emotional support that you were never told.
My dear, you are trapped inside a love affair,
stuck with a man who doesn’t care!
You toss and turn because life isn’t fair,
come with me, princess, I have so much more to share!
A man to take your hand and go for a ride,
let your heart race faster, don’t let it hide.
“Watch the stars,” he says, not pointing at the skies.
“They are beautifully bright,” referring to your eyes.
When you lie your head upon his chest,
he whispers softly, “This lullaby is simply the best.”
You hear his heart beat at such a pace,
when it’s you, my dear, filling the vacant space.
Step away from the puddles, don’t feel insecure,
the man you’re with would waste a FleurBurger, for sure!
How did a lower class man end up with such beauty and elegance?
Last time I checked, there’s still a chance!
A chance to take with a man for your heart,
not like the last who wanted your ass from the start!
You’re not an option, don’t ever settle for less!
You’re a priority, my dear, there’s so much more to express!
Forehead kisses, cheeks to impress,
nose to nose, could you guess what’s next?
A man to brush his lips across yours with such desire,
definitely a keeper, my dear! He wants you to perspire.
The way he snuggles you like a teddy bear,
the way he holds you with so much fear.
The look in his eyes tell you to stay,
don’t ever leave him if he feels this way.
Your heart is aside for someone cruel,
this he will understand, my dear, but you’re with a tool!
Take a look! How does reality appear upon your lips?
Awaits emerald mountains topped with frosted tips.
Thy lips are bare, thy eyes shed fears,
thy body aches, makeup smears.
Thy mind is weak, thy heart is frail,
here we are, my dear, ahead is your trail.
Hesitate love, never regret fear,
after a push and a shove, I’m glad I’m here.
I am Mr. Enchanting, I spoke highly of myself with thee,
now let thy heart decide, my love,
if you want to be with M.E.

9 thoughts on “Mr. Enchanting

  1. I think so far…this is my very very very very favorite. It soothes me so. It hypnotizes my soul. I know you are me. I know I am you and then when you do that thing you do and if you ever, ever pay $5000 for a cheese burger, you shall be spanked and then bathed in milk and honey nut cherios.

    What icon should I use when I feel like crying..not actually crying but feel moved to tears as you speak of the man that I fear. The one that never came near. You, with you there only a love tear. I’ve been resting on your right shoulder, maybe I should move need me sometimes and I don’t want you to feel left.

    I would never leave you in fear. I’m just some girl. You can come near. Your stronger than me and I can see that now..I want you to feel that when I take a bow. I kiss your sweet lids and I know this to be true. I know who you are and you know who I do.

    Lower class man no chance. You are from the “high plains” the epitome of romance. You deserve all the Fleur Burgers I can make. Wait hold on..dinner is for 8! Do you have 45.000 atoms to pay for this meal. I’m taking care of the kids you can see how I feel!

    I could kiss your nose all night. Making love harder if we ever fight. I’ll have to run some courses to keep up with you and your band of horses. Please promise to tell me when your mad. I’ll take a time out on your throne and you will be glad.

    If you are my peach and with that you can prove, I am with YOU my dear. I will never move.

    I’m so proud of you.
    I’m so proud to be….

  2. This is amazing and captivating, especially with that Disney reference! Love it so much, especially since it reminds me so much of my boyfriend. He’s my Mr. Enchanting and my Prince Charming 🙂 Thanks for sharing this!

    Everyone feel free to check out my blog! All follows, likes, comments, and views are all appreciated! 🙂

      • Thanks and it’s no problem, I enjoy your blog and you are a friendly guy 🙂 Take care too

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