Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosph...

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosphere can trigger lightning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Volcanic Eruption

Bonding our bodies with bondage,
an oral fixation with crucifixion.
Sly vulnerable vixen in foxy lingerie,
mounted against the wall like a painting from Monet.

Exposure of a virgin canvas with corruption of seduction,
blindfolded love facilitates passion without interruption.
Slithering snakes roam through dead cells of attraction,
a slight tug initiates a desirable reaction.

Neckline border control entices a detour,
more time to ignite the dark places to explore.
A warm sensational blow passes across your neck,
soft lips press against the skin for you to eject.

Your beautiful spoken identity rolls of my tongue’s tip,
but not as effective as the wrap around your erected nip.
A sweet arousing touch as hands caress you near,
tip of tongue desire to brush against your perky pink spears.

A mouth at risk of DUI after intoxicating lips of lust,
a stomach receiving soft blows across to the hips is a must.
Tender lips around your birth’s beauty scar as you quiver,
waistline affection will make your body shiver.

Thunder thigh fetish strikes from within my soul,
sadistic intentions of kissing your inner thighs is a goal.
The skin around your pink lips of pure euphoric taste,
anxiety and anticipation encourages to make haste.

A circulating tongue brushes against your desirable lips,
volcanic vaginal bliss pours out as my finger slips.
A sweet suction dries up your intimate perspiration,
close your eyes, my love. Time to expand your inspiration.

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20 thoughts on “Volcanic Eruption

  1. “A circulating tongue brushes against your desirable lips,
    volcanic vaginal bliss pours out as my finger slips”
    Stick a fork in me, I’m done. You do have a way with words. I’m feeling you though.

    • Erupt, baby! Erupt! Please, you’re already corrupt! I am glad you enjoyed this. I was feeling it. I was ready to make love to my keyboard. I can write everyday like everyone else doing poetry on here, but that’s not the same. The quality is so much more important, and it’s there when you can actually feel a poetic high. Not because you can write well, but because you can feel that warmth through your monitor as you write. I’m surprised I was sober that night. haha most nights I am … which is surprising because I am more passionate, like now, because I am intoxicated … 🙂

      • You are too funny. Well I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog. You definitely have a with words. So you wanted to make love to your keyboard. My my my. You were really feeling it. Keep those beautiful words flowing because its a pleasure enjoying it with you. Smooches.

      • Thanks sweetheart! Your encouraging words are truly beautiful to read. It was my pleasure to share these thoughts with you. Yes, if only my keyboard could bite my neck. Haha, I’ll be all set! Take care, love.

      • I’ve been out of town. Wanted to come by and say…I think there is enough nectar to fill the temple ruin from my birth. Penny Lane has a fine chocolate shoppe. Pick up the Nipples Of Venus on your way home. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VIKJMifm7k

  2. Reblogged this on Prinze Charming and commented:

    While I am currently working on an amazing piece right now, “Testing Childhood Lessons in Relationships; The Impact of Disney’s Love Stories on Dating,” … check out Volcanic Eruption from last night! Very powerful piece. I could never explain how it was written but I felt something euphoric. I hope you all have an amazing day, afternoon, evening – whatever the time zone is! If you ever need anyone for a conversation, advice, whatever – let me know. I am here for you. Take care, darlings.

  3. Dear Prince Charmant,
    I couldn’t resist giving you another Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I’m sure you’ve had a lot of work with all thoses honors, but this one is just for you to enjoy 🙂
    Bon baisers d’Europe,

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