Mr. Seductive Sun

An excerpt from my works in progress:

“The summer sun is a chick magnet with masculine warm rays of heat penetrating deep inside the skin of beautiful women. A catalyst for the seductive intentions to deliver a sweet sensual kiss upon the skin of pale hopeless romantics deprived of affectionate warmth. The exposure of physical intimacy lures a woman’s vulnerability to lie out completely bare. The sun conceals the truth of tainted intentions for a risk of skin cancer while being the greatest pickup artist in the world.”

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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8 thoughts on “Mr. Seductive Sun

  1. Seriously, I love the comparisons you make between the sun being a chick magnet but at the same time it conceals the truth behind its intentions. The sun is seductive because you want it to shine and warm your skin. Yet at the same time, its very destructive. Its like a bad boy trying to woo a girl. He is so charming and seductive but ends up being so bad for you. Where do you come up with this stuff? You definitely have an awesome talent. Your blog keeps me coming back for more. Smooches!!!

    • Honestly, everything is on whim. It’s like I am a lost soul trapped inside a twenty three year old, and the only way to let the world know that I am still alive is through the freedom of expression. My mind is just full of metaphoric ideas, and I am willing to publish a book to let the world know that there is talent out there. I want to be the next young author, and publish something that Oprah would recommend for her book club. My freshman high school English teacher acknowledged my gift for writing. It was there, but a four year degree helped refine it. Thank you for your encouraging feedback. It is always a pleasure to see you come back for more. Beaucoup des bisous. 😉

      • I’m glad to hear that someone took notice of your talent and encouraged it. That doesn’t happen often. I look forward to reading your book one day. Keep at it. So in the meantime keep writing because I will keep reading. Smooches right back at ya!!

  2. If you don’t mind, I will reblog you sometimes. As much as I show appreciation for books, we need to show writers some love. Just let me know if that’s OK from time to time.

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