We’re Too Young to Care

We’re Too Young to Care

I missed you.
Did you miss me?

Give me a hug,
I can’t believe we’re free.
Let our bodies snug,
like we’re meant to be.
It’s like a Disney fantasy.

Let my hands glide like little rockets,
I love the tease when I fill your back pockets.
Vacant spaces, let me reserve a few rooms,
so many places to experience your perfumes.

There’s a love seat, just for two,
there’s a counter, midnight snacks with you,
got a couch, movie marathons,
when you start to slouch I know your knees are gone.

Let me carry you against the wall,
be the plasma tv that doesn’t fall,
mount you in place, got my hands through your hair,
quite the chase when we’re too young to care.

We’re just too young to care.

Be my little spoon,
I can’t believe we’re so close,
let our legs intertwine,
we’re nose to nose.
You’re my little Eskimo,
you know exactly what to do,
got my igloo melting,
and we’re not even through.

We’re just too young to care.
We’re just too young to care.

Wake up to forehead kisses,
rise and shine,
we don’t have work today,
don’t you move, you’re fine.
The sunrise is shining,
the room fills with light,
birds are chirping,
I didn’t even sleep last night.

We’re just too young to care.
We’re just too young to care.



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Left, left, oh right,

Dora, these girls’ selfies hinder,
Gotta get some dimples on Tinder.
Swiper, no swiping,
Get your own damn app,
Let me start typing,
before I get off track.

There’s Amy, she got a cute smile,
just something about her in her profile,
the way she says she’s a conversationalist
but she drops a link to check out craigslist.

Then there’s Jessica, I hope she stays for a while,
the way her eyes are wide open like a hungry crocodile,
She says she’s from Florida, but I beg to differ,
she keeps getting closer as I get stiffer.

Left, left, oh right.

Got a new match, her name is Rebecca,
I feel like I won the Facebook trifecta.
She has five mutual friends, one of them is a cousin,
drama never ends when I already learned from this lesson.

Finally, I swipe right to a hottie,
this girl has a breathtaking body,
give me CPR, I am ready to flat-line,
can’t believe I found someone legit online.

She responds back with her digits,
I give her a call not expecting to get shits,
Michaela sounds like a dude,
the way she tries to sound like Bieber,
some punk ass kid made me believer her.

Her voice starts to crack,
my boner descends,
“The name’s Jack,”
let’s be friends?”