Volcanic Eruption

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosph...

Volcanic material thrust high into the atmosphere can trigger lightning. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Volcanic Eruption

Bonding our bodies with bondage,
an oral fixation with crucifixion.
Sly vulnerable vixen in foxy lingerie,
mounted against the wall like a painting from Monet.

Exposure of a virgin canvas with corruption of seduction,
blindfolded love facilitates passion without interruption.
Slithering snakes roam through dead cells of attraction,
a slight tug initiates a desirable reaction.

Neckline border control entices a detour,
more time to ignite the dark places to explore.
A warm sensational blow passes across your neck,
soft lips press against the skin for you to eject.

Your beautiful spoken identity rolls of my tongue’s tip,
but not as effective as the wrap around your erected nip.
A sweet arousing touch as hands caress you near,
tip of tongue desire to brush against your perky pink spears.

A mouth at risk of DUI after intoxicating lips of lust,
a stomach receiving soft blows across to the hips is a must.
Tender lips around your birth’s beauty scar as you quiver,
waistline affection will make your body shiver.

Thunder thigh fetish strikes from within my soul,
sadistic intentions of kissing your inner thighs is a goal.
The skin around your pink lips of pure euphoric taste,
anxiety and anticipation encourages to make haste.

A circulating tongue brushes against your desirable lips,
volcanic vaginal bliss pours out as my finger slips.
A sweet suction dries up your intimate perspiration,
close your eyes, my love. Time to expand your inspiration.

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Pigmented Desire

Pigmented Desire

Passionate love making with obscene red marks left behind,
Breakfast in bed left orange juice residue covered lips.
Yellow caution tape bondage assisted our desires to be intertwined,
Green thumbs deflower a beautiful pink rose as it drips.
Blue balls of humiliation and tease by the tip of her tongue’s embrace,
A set of purple mountain majesties glistened under the moon lit space.

Floral Fixation

vagina flowers 16

Floral Fixation

The cloud’s arousal made some drips,
almost like the dew upon the petal lips.
The sun’s warm breath of sunshine rays,
stimulates the petals for several days.

A honey bee buzzes with overwhelming lust,
passionate little fellow ready to thrust.
The tongue is long and ready for a taste,
embrace the pollen and nectar in a haste.

I would love to be your bumble bee,
of passion and desire; quite a fantasy.
I would stay for hours to watch you perspire,
a floral fixation that you could admire.

Making love, making honey;
making everyone lots of money.
Making tea to soothe the throat,
like wearing an interior coat.

I am a florist, and you are my flower,
I will nurture you with a love shower.
Drench you in unconditional love and support,
I am your Miracle-Grow escort.

An Erotic Masterpiece; A Painting of One Thousand Words

A thousand words can paint an erotic masterpiece; one word can paint an inspirational sensation. A thousand mixed feelings are the products of lust and desire. One vulnerable exposed canvas sprawled across the bed to admire. The tip of my tongue is a lover‘s brush for sensual art.  Close your eyes, my dear.  I am about to start. Fingers slowly run through your hair to spark the night, gradually caressing your head just right. Eyes convey hidden desire, anticipation is on fire. Forehead kisses, Eskimo nose to nose, after two cheek kisses, watch where this goes. Passionately playful lips teasingly brush across your face, entice the hesitation of physical embrace. Dare make an intimate move too soon? My love, I am here to make you swoon. Lips left with anticipation and rage, dry from desirable intentions on stage. Let me perform the next talent of the show; the skin of your neck would taste amazing, you know? A soft gentle blow passes along your neck, a jolt of arousal, what else would you expect? Soft lips begin a seductive parade, you hold my chin close; my point was made. You cannot handle seductive sensual play; our lips embrace a passionate display. Affection of love, infection of desire, your face is red, drenched in continuous perspire. Bottom lip tugging makes me wild and ready, let our tongues glide and massage; just go steady. Run your fingers through my hair, while giving me that seductive stare. Do it. I dare thee, Juliet. Let thy tongue roam free, my neck is exposed and vulnerable for thee. Thou art of seduction is far from mine, please take a moment, I’ll wait in line. Kiss me gently, soothing to feel, penetrate my skin without making a meal. Teeth penetrate deep into my flesh, love bites exposed, publicity of an affair. Massage your nape at a slow pace, while I make a sudden escape away from your face. You feel my tongue wander further down, away from your neck, stopping upon arrival to destination. Shall I tease your cleavage with soft kisses that follow, while I caress your breasts in admiration? Mm please, may I wrap my tongue around this thought, the tip of my tongue can tease around a spot.

Your exposed nipples feel the passionate wrap with my tongue; hardening inside my mouth sparks arousal and reassurance. The tip softly brushes around, enticing mixed feelings of passion.  Your hazy eyes give me consensual implies to move further down. Your hips are kissed upon request, your lips beg more, I suggest, I shall kiss across your skin, your waistline can feel how much shit you’re in. Tender lips teasingly kiss across your intimate line, the border control of abstinence and time. Your legs sprawl, your fingers start to grip, watch me, dear, as I make this trip. Your thighs are thick, beautiful and free; space is provided for fulfilling an ultimate fantasy. Shall I kiss what is exposed; miss the obvious? Thigh massages will slowly work their way through. Ah, inner thighs, did you think I forgot? Mm, watch me dear, I was never taught. If I kiss your inner thigh like this, feel pure bliss. Your body squirms, your legs spread apart. I shall come back later and work my way up to the start. Some waistline kisses, your stomach takes four, your hips say hello, and your chest is explored. Our eyes exchange a stare while you beg for more. Our lips embrace while I mount you on the floor. You feel my shaft teasingly taking a glide, across your lips before I decide. Our tongues depart, you crave my touch, I work my way back down as you start to clutch. You push my head further, assisting the way, the minute I arrive between your legs, “Now stay!” You have me straddled, your legs tighten the grip, you wish I could let go, making my tongue slip. Oh, honey, you don’t know me, please embrace, as I kiss around your lips, you should see your face! This prolonged foreplay? What is this you crave? Mm, baby, I am glad you shaved. Your mound is exposed, I shall kiss and tease. I love it when you breathe heavy, weak at your knees. Oh, three hundred more words for a thousand, can you handle the tedious wait? Oh, please dear, you know this feels great. My tongue gently massages across your slit, can I give your mound a soft gentle kiss? A rewarding opportunity of vaginal bliss, the sexual enthusiasm has caused all of this. Shall I trace my name upon your lips? My lover’s brush? As you wish. You feel the tip of my tongue with a slow passionate pace, why should I rush my dear, this isn’t a race. You feel your lips spread apart with a soft gentle blow. Do I really have to continue this show? The roses have yet to be thrown across the stage. I can hear it now, all the fuss and rage. Allow my mouth to explore, feel my lips tug yours, a deep penetrating feeling of a gluttonous romantic. I’m hungry for you, hungry for your desire. This emotional connection is invaluable to admire. Now, let me ask you, would you make love to me? Shall we go into the shower to fulfill another fantasy? Feel the hot water run across your skin, penetrating your neck while I’m deep within. I caress your body as I’m standing behind, passionately moving with a satisfying grind. The hot water runs run off your clit, while I’m massaging it. You turn around straddling me against the wall, I will mount you, try not to fall. I passionately thrust inside you and come out slow. You moan my name, “Tohhhh“. You forget my name, or you just can’t handle this, please be aware that I’m not done without a kiss. Fingers through your hair, one hand caresses my chin, a thousand words was enough for an epic win.