Mr. Seductive Sun

An excerpt from my works in progress:

“The summer sun is a chick magnet with masculine warm rays of heat penetrating deep inside the skin of beautiful women. A catalyst for the seductive intentions to deliver a sweet sensual kiss upon the skin of pale hopeless romantics deprived of affectionate warmth. The exposure of physical intimacy lures a woman’s vulnerability to lie out completely bare. The sun conceals the truth of tainted intentions for a risk of skin cancer while being the greatest pickup artist in the world.”

Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Sadistic Remorse

Seductive woman with luscious red lips on bed

Sadistic Remorse

Seductive satanic eyes engulfed in desire,
Sinful intentions of a lover’s perspire.
Hopeless romantic souls ready for a buyer,
Vulnerable virgin necks sold to the vampire.

Jack Frost lips embrace a frost bite,
A sensational winter’s breath delivered tonight.
An Eskimo kiss transitions away from the victim’s sight,
Chapped lips with mixed emotions start to ignite.

A burning sensation of a love affair,
Betrayal lingers in the way he stares.
Words and actions lure the love hungry heart,
Deprivation of physical intimacy melts her from the start.

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Story of Your Life

Story of Your Life

(A shower song I wrote a while ago)

I got this ironic story,
of a girl like you.
She fell for a guy,
but then she crashed on

She was feeling hopeless,
you can tell in her eyes.
Her lips were dry,
her wounds from lies.

She looked at the sky,
counted the stars.
While she lied in the road,
hoping for cars.

A car pulled over,
a boy sprawled by her side.
Smiled and laughed,
their hands glide.

Staring into,
each others’ eyes.
This unexplainable warm feeling,
of butterflies.

The moon lit sky,
turns to dawn.
She’s all sprawled out,
on someone’s lawn.

When she woke up,
she felt an empty hand.
The boy from last night,
was dream in the sand.

Pigmented Desire

Pigmented Desire

Passionate love making with obscene red marks left behind,
Breakfast in bed left orange juice residue covered lips.
Yellow caution tape bondage assisted our desires to be intertwined,
Green thumbs deflower a beautiful pink rose as it drips.
Blue balls of humiliation and tease by the tip of her tongue’s embrace,
A set of purple mountain majesties glistened under the moon lit space.

The Scars of a Rose

The Scars of a Rose

Drenched in tears of unrequited love,
my shoulder wants thee to stay.
Clenched fists ready to raise above,
my fingers block thy way.

Mixed feelings and emotions hinder thy smile,
dark intentions build up a sudden rage.
Fixed hopes and dreams will stay for a while,
thy heart will eventually heal with age.

Emasculate the beast with charges of voluntary manslaughter!
Alas, sugarcoated romantic gestures rekindle tainted chivalry.
No man shall speak daggers to any woman, even his own daughter.
Forecast identity fraud with a knight’s intent of lust and misery.

Cultural Desire

Cultural Desire

Indulge the hot chocolate interracial bliss,
caressing the curves of a coffee mug.
Topped with a light whipped cream kiss,
sensational burning lips; a fertility drug.

Indulge the passion of Senorita’s wild bull,
Ven aqui, mi corazon dulce, pon lo en la mesa.”
The sight of red velvet sheets arouses her soul,
“Ay dios mio, me duele de la cabeza!”

Indulge the Asian cuisine with the Year of the Snake.
I am an Earth Snake; a Virgo Snake. Let me slither your way.
Ni shi měi​lì (你是美丽). How much is there at stake?
Wo ai ni (我爱你). Tell me how much I should pay.

Indulge in One Thousand and One Nights engulfed in heat.
No intentions of larceny, but eloping is true love.
Habibti, allahu akbar (الله أكبر)! Fate is in our hands; replete?
Irresistible kisses of a red pepper hummus dish served with a shove.

Indulge in a world full of women in a world full choice,
taste their desire for a romantic tourist lost in their eyes.
Mesmerized by their sensual distinction; the accent from their voice.
An internationally captivating desire lingers within the sighs.

Mr. Enchanting


Mr. Enchanting 

Oh, hello dear. Are you lost?
Can I show you the way?
I can tell you where you are, if I may?
[Disney related music plays in the background]

In a dark hole of black abyss,
you wish you knew, someone like this …

A passionate man with a heart full of gold,
the arms wrapped around you when you’re always cold.
A compassionate man with two shoulders, behold!
The emotional support that you were never told.
My dear, you are trapped inside a love affair,
stuck with a man who doesn’t care!
You toss and turn because life isn’t fair,
come with me, princess, I have so much more to share!
A man to take your hand and go for a ride,
let your heart race faster, don’t let it hide.
“Watch the stars,” he says, not pointing at the skies.
“They are beautifully bright,” referring to your eyes.
When you lie your head upon his chest,
he whispers softly, “This lullaby is simply the best.”
You hear his heart beat at such a pace,
when it’s you, my dear, filling the vacant space.
Step away from the puddles, don’t feel insecure,
the man you’re with would waste a FleurBurger, for sure!
How did a lower class man end up with such beauty and elegance?
Last time I checked, there’s still a chance!
A chance to take with a man for your heart,
not like the last who wanted your ass from the start!
You’re not an option, don’t ever settle for less!
You’re a priority, my dear, there’s so much more to express!
Forehead kisses, cheeks to impress,
nose to nose, could you guess what’s next?
A man to brush his lips across yours with such desire,
definitely a keeper, my dear! He wants you to perspire.
The way he snuggles you like a teddy bear,
the way he holds you with so much fear.
The look in his eyes tell you to stay,
don’t ever leave him if he feels this way.
Your heart is aside for someone cruel,
this he will understand, my dear, but you’re with a tool!
Take a look! How does reality appear upon your lips?
Awaits emerald mountains topped with frosted tips.
Thy lips are bare, thy eyes shed fears,
thy body aches, makeup smears.
Thy mind is weak, thy heart is frail,
here we are, my dear, ahead is your trail.
Hesitate love, never regret fear,
after a push and a shove, I’m glad I’m here.
I am Mr. Enchanting, I spoke highly of myself with thee,
now let thy heart decide, my love,
if you want to be with M.E.

Architectural Relationships

Architectural Relationships

Overwhelming mental congestion for perfection,
socially influenced blueprints of future attraction.
Constructive criticism given by construction workers,
the labor of family and friends for reassurance.
A solid foundation of first impressions,
structured walls of growth and development.
Insulation of natural feelings and experiences,
ventilation to cool down the heated encounters.
Electrical wiring of an emotional and physical connection,
a circuitry of passion and romance with a light switch.
Hardwood flooring for candle lit dinners and ballroom dancing,
granite kitchen counters for intimate midnight snacks.
An attractive exterior siding to woo the public eye,
a secure lock of commitment on all the doors.
A roof of trust, and a picket fence,
and now, my love,
I’m simply yours.