Sadistic Remorse

Seductive woman with luscious red lips on bed

Sadistic Remorse

Seductive satanic eyes engulfed in desire,
Sinful intentions of a lover’s perspire.
Hopeless romantic souls ready for a buyer,
Vulnerable virgin necks sold to the vampire.

Jack Frost lips embrace a frost bite,
A sensational winter’s breath delivered tonight.
An Eskimo kiss transitions away from the victim’s sight,
Chapped lips with mixed emotions start to ignite.

A burning sensation of a love affair,
Betrayal lingers in the way he stares.
Words and actions lure the love hungry heart,
Deprivation of physical intimacy melts her from the start.

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Cultural Desire

Cultural Desire

Indulge the hot chocolate interracial bliss,
caressing the curves of a coffee mug.
Topped with a light whipped cream kiss,
sensational burning lips; a fertility drug.

Indulge the passion of Senorita’s wild bull,
Ven aqui, mi corazon dulce, pon lo en la mesa.”
The sight of red velvet sheets arouses her soul,
“Ay dios mio, me duele de la cabeza!”

Indulge the Asian cuisine with the Year of the Snake.
I am an Earth Snake; a Virgo Snake. Let me slither your way.
Ni shi měi​lì (你是美丽). How much is there at stake?
Wo ai ni (我爱你). Tell me how much I should pay.

Indulge in One Thousand and One Nights engulfed in heat.
No intentions of larceny, but eloping is true love.
Habibti, allahu akbar (الله أكبر)! Fate is in our hands; replete?
Irresistible kisses of a red pepper hummus dish served with a shove.

Indulge in a world full of women in a world full choice,
taste their desire for a romantic tourist lost in their eyes.
Mesmerized by their sensual distinction; the accent from their voice.
An internationally captivating desire lingers within the sighs.